First, realize that it doesn’t have to be natural or even comfortable to work. There will be a lot of forcing yourself to follow whatever method you choose and that’s fine. Second, do a search on the Internet and read up on the different methods that are used for organizing both space and time. There are many out there. Just because the whole idea of organizing may be uncomfortable doesn’t mean you hereto pick just any method. Read through the methods and see which one might fit with you. For the papers that continuously sneak into my house, I like to have a central bin that I put all the papers I want to keep in. I recycle anything I don’t want pretty quickly, but other stuff I just put in the bin. About once a year I go through the bin and file the important papers in my file cabinet. Until then, though, if someone asks for a paper or I need a paper for something I just sift through the bin of papers to find it. Third, learn the method you chose and start using it. It will probably feel awkward and like you’re spending a lot of extra time organizing instead of gaining extra time. Remember that there is a learning curve with anything and the organizing will take a while to seem second nature. Give yourself a couple of months to see if the method makes your life a bit easier and less filled with anxiety. If it doesn’t then try a different method. Fourth, once you have some organization going, evaluate and make sure it’s working for you. Are you gaining more time to be productive? Are there any problems left? If there are still problems work to see what you can do about them. As I mentioned, I have a paper bin for important papers that I want to keep. I recycle the ones that aren’t important and I don’t want to keep, but there was one pile left, papers I need to do something with soon. Those kept ending up in a pile next to my computer which is on the kitchen table. To solve this problem, I found a wall hanging that was meant for magazines and put it on the wall next to my computer. It has 8 or so pockets, the right size for papers. I put all actionable papers in there and then when it gets too filled I go through the papers and either recycle them, do what needs to be done or move them to the “file-later” bin. Part of my evaluation of my organization method also involved giving myself a break. I do a good job with time and space organization. I do better with time than space. I’ve had to give myself some leeway on space. My papers are now in acceptable places, but the rest of the house is not that clean. I have a small house with five residents, three of whom cause more mess than clean. I have had to give myself a break and realize that I’m never going to be able to keep the house clean at all times when I have three children who put real effort into messing it up each day. I’m just not a person who can clean every night. I strive for "good enough." Fifth and last, try to enjoy the extra time, productivity and calm that comes with having a firm structure to your time and space. It’s hard to achieve and may never feel all that comfortable, but the benefits good organizing procedures provide, are well worth the effort.

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