There is always something you can do to make you website better. Your website design is important to your success. In most cases it is the small things that make the biggest difference. Things like color and placement can make a big difference in how your customers view your site and how long they stay on your site. Evaluate your site regularly and also have other people look at your site to see what impression they get when they first view your site. We value your privacy statement. Place this next to any email forms on your site and link the word “privacy” to your privacy statement. With the amount of spam on the web today, your visitors take their privacy seriously. This statement will give your visitor assurance that their email address is safe and will also help with your conversion rate. Customer focused home page. Your home page should concentrate on your customers. It should tell them what you can do for them and not what you are trying to accomplish for yourself. You should use more words like “you” and fewer words like “we” and “us”. Email signatures. These are unbelievable easy to set up and are very helpful to anyone that you are contacting via email. A company appears more organized if the email signatures are uniform throughout your organization. Not only should your email signature include your contact information and a link to your company website, including a logo in your signature will make it stand out. Design a 404 error page. These default error pages are annoying and will cost you visitors and ultimately sales. This error page should mirror the look of your site. Your error page should also contain alternative options for your visitors so you do not lose them. Your custom page can contain a link, an email address or a phone number. With this information your customer can still get in contact with your organization. Call to action. As a website owner, this statement can have a big impact on your sales conversions. You are selling yourself short if you do not have a call to action and it must be an effective statement. If possible, use your keyword in your call to action statements. Avoid using “click here” whenever possible. It is ordinary and boring. You want to use a statement that is going to make your visitor want to look further. These five suggestions are very basic, but they can do a lot to improve your website design. These small things are often ignored, but they are important elements of your online business.