The answer to the question — how to choose a college major is difficult because it depends on various factors. This will only land you in the unemployed figure or wrong line of career. Chances are that you understand these consequences well and fear from it? Sometimes you can be indecisive but don’t worry. You are not alone in the race. The confused number is always growing. To make sure, you don’t become a part of it, below are some strict guidelines you need to follow. Take your time to go through it. You can major in two fields if you want — a major and a minor. You can even create your own major as well. You will not have to pick a major until the end of sophomore year. This provides you the window to check different subjects and learn which piques your interest. Majors such as engineering are an exception here. Commit to these fields and study earlier to have the time for such courses. If you are earning a two-year degree, better select your major at the start because the program is quite short. Take courses in fields that attract you. Later, think about the subject that appeals you the most or one, which motivates you. Go to classes that make you confident. Don’t be scared to take some risks. Chances are that the class you never wanted to take will make you help to device. If you are not sure about majors, don’t be afraid. Most people switch their major during programs. Even people who believe they are on the right path end up changing their mind. For instance, you can start your college as physics but later you can change it to electrical engineering. It`s not about what is better for you; it`s what you want. So don`t be afraid to embrace the change. Colleges do offer advising programs. These are premed and prelaw. Students who want to attend law school, medical school or even graduate school. Such programs are never same as a major, so you need to pick one. If you plan to continue your education, you need to choose a major in the relative field. If you specialize in something, you need to learn about its specific trades. Get ready to enter a wide array of careers once you graduate. Picking a college major is nothing like choosing a job. This ends you to pick a career path. To help yourself, remember you are never alone, you can always acquire help from academic and peer advisors to aid you. An easy option might seem perfect at the start, but you will get bored studying something you are completely aware of. If you played music from your childhood, then a music major will attract you. The problem is, when you spend your entire day on it, it will get beyond the fun time. It will become something you have to bear with. Don`t choose something just because it`s easy, use your pool of options. Choose something you are less familiar with and find it a bit challenging. Don`t pick something that causes you a headache. A bit challenging subject will help you to a fulfilling experience, in the long run. When applying for student loans, try to be practical. Nobody wants to end up in prison just because he or she failed to pay back his or her student loan. They failed it because the major they choose didn’t make them financially successful. The high monthly student loans are complaints of fresh graduates. All of this is to provide you a solution to help you avoid facing the same problem. This Program is known as Income-Based Repayment (IBR). It will help if you have Federal Student Loan. This plan will adjust the monthly payment so you will pay only 15% of current income to the land. It is designed to help people asking for a versatile monthly budget. IBR allows you to have different payment timeline. You will have to pay more in the long run, but it’s effective in case you can`t manage your finances at this moment. If you fail to pay your payment after 25 years, the Government will forgive your remaining debt. The best option for you is choosing a college major, which will pay you well. Use different loan calculators to make a plan and run figures against each other. While applying for the loan, you will need to consider your other expenses during your education. This includes other payments than your fee, college expenditures and much more. Ideally, you should consider where you will stay, keeping up with your lifestyle and expenditures during your job interview period. Don`t think you will pay it back in the future. Just add the essentials, you don`t wake up every day just to impress someone. * College Course Catalog: It helps you from needed courses to specialized majors due to the abundance of information. * Professors and Academic Advisers: These People will talk and find out whether you took their classes or not. These people have worked in their respective field and are expert to such careers. They will help you catch the right opportunities. * College Alumni: unless your college was a new one, there are chances that your institute has deep and varied alums groups. These talk to current students. Use them to gather information. * Classmates: Pay attention to upperclassmen, they have extensive knowledge about majors. They might be having internship or had job interviews recently. They can be a great information resource for you. * College Career Center: Always under-appreciated, these people have a wealth of info at their fingertips. Benefit from them not just in senior years but also in previous ones. Start visiting them in the first year as they have the right resources for picking a major and career. They might as well help you with internship and job placement info.  

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