There are a lot of ways to make money using websites. One of the main sources of developing revenue for most is advertising. No surprise there, but there is a new form of Internet advertising called the Banner Ad. A banner ad is a button or text block that works a lot like a printed ad in a newspaper or magazine. There is a unique difference however; you are almost instantly teleported to an advertisers store or product. Like the newspaper or magazine advertisement the banner ad stays in one place, but it can have multiple images that change or blend into one another. Banner ads can be animated or change appearance in any number of ways. Unlike other Internet advertisements, the new business or entrepreneur can easily afford banner ads. Often these small hyperlinks will cost the advertiser as much as 60% less than the classic advertisement. They have the added benefit of allowing the website owner to match the appearance of the link to their site. There are several websites that offer free banner ad ribbons and buttons. One of these sites is Banner Maker Pro This company offers a 15 day trial. To learn more about banner ads and how to take advantage of them go to: Tips and Hints to Build your Banner Ads Make your banner as small as possible. Contrasting colors will help make it stand out. A large ad will take longer to load and your potential customer may not wait long enough. A maximum size of 15K for a 468×60 banner is recommended. You will need to chose between and animated or standard banner. Although an animated banner will attract more visitors many webmasters will not allow them because they also distract from their content. Animated banners are often larger which causes them to load slower, especially for dial-up connection users. The more frames a banner requires the bigger the size. Think of an animated banner as a stationary cartoon. Each movement of your banner will require several frames in the same way a cartoon would. For transparent areas and animation you will need to use a gif file. This type of file is limited to 256 colors so your images could look grainy or splotchy. Use gif files for your text needs. A jpeg file is not as limited in color so it is preferred for imaging of your Banner Ad. Give your ads a clean appearance. Don’t clutter them up so that they offend the eye. Always be sure to include instructions such as ‘Click Here’ or “Free Trial’ so the viewer doesn’t have to guess as to how to reach your sales page.