So you need new glasses but your insurance doesn’t support buying glasses or you have no health insurance.   I have a way for you to get name brand RX glasses for almost nothing. It is a fact that the best form of advertising is done by word of mouth and we want you to tell your friends about GlassesUSA. When you do, you will earn 10% towards the purchase of anything within our site for each item bought by any of your referrals. Meaning for every 10 items sold, you qualify for a 100% credit on your next purchase – that’s anything in our store absolutely FREE. The percentages are cumulative which means that If one of your friends buys 3 items, you earn 30% off, and if another friend buys 1 item you earn 10% for a total of 40% off. [From Refer A Friend]

How do I get free Glasses and Frames?

You would need to Go to GlassesUSA and Refer A Friend. You will need to create a new account if you don’t already have one. Go into your Refer a Friend Stats and get the link to share with your friends and family! Got to a link shorting service like:,, or and create a shortened link! Once you have done that you are in a better position to give out the link to friends and family.

How do I promote this link to get people to use the link?

It all depends on how much you want to do to get your free pair of glasses.   Here are a few good suggestions to start off with: Promote with Facebook and Refer a Friend Give out the shortened URL to friends and Family! Tweet the Shorten URL explaining why they should buy from GlassesUSA! Create Business Cards and give them away! Create Flyers to Hang up around your Local Area! Make sure you have permission to hang up flyers or hand out business cards.   I usually give the card out to anyone who has Glasses on that might want to get some designer frames really cheaply.   Just be sure to use the Shorten URL when you print your flyers or Business cards, so they use the link that is for tracking who buys the products from GlassesUSA!  You can also place the Business cards in business that are let you put them on the counter for people to grab.   There are a ton of people who need glasses and this works really well with me when I need to buy new glasses!! If you do this every year, you could potentially get enough people to buy glasses and let you buy both Prescription Sunglasses and Prescription Glasses each year. Get the latest designers glasses for virtually free!   Glasses USA has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back! Have a Good Monday, See you Wednesday!

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