* When you don’t want to install anything, Mobile Sidecar is great. * When you’re drowning in a sea of apps, Mobile Sidecar is great. * Want an Android tablet? ChromeOS? Keep Mobile Sidecar in mind. Typing is so passe. We’re kidding, of course. But imagine having something powerful on your iPad that lets you navigate without typing. Search the Web and share with social media all without typing? Mobile Sidecar can help. Bookmark it, remove it, or move it whenever and wherever you want to. It’s not software that you download. It’s not an executable file. There’s no frightening the horses. When you’re browsing the Web, that’s when to think that something magical can happen with Mobile Sidecar. The script loads into browser memory and becomes part of your experience. It presents itself nicely as a toolbar overlay with Facebook and more. The same script works whether you’re using Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera 11. We’ve designed the interface around tablet computers for their touch screen surfaces. Ponder that for a moment while we explain further. We call it ‘mobile’ for the sake of its mobility across devices (including mobile devices of course). Especially designed to enhance the touch screen experience, Mobile Sidecar preforms queries to Google for you based on the text of the page you’re viewing. It’s something that doesn’t need to be typed while riding the train or lying in bed. It only needs to be touched. You can always alter searches once at Google. The sidecar simply *seeds* searches for you. It prepares you for your Google experience with just the right touch. What’s more, we bundle our own Google-like website ‘crawl’ technology. This isn’t just for SEO practitioners. Drill down into a website yourself to find interesting things that a homepage neglects to make obvious, or otherwise has a hard time showing (all the distracting blinking lights and ads). Mobile Sidecar is clean and neat. It lists pages one after another as they become made available with the robot in your hands. It’s your own personal ‘Googlebot.’ It’s very touch screen friendly. Ever wanted an iPad toolbar? Thought Toolbars are just for laptops? Try Mobile Sidecar! Go into settings, edit Safari settings to: ‘Always Show Bookmarks Bar.’ Guess what? If you save your Mobile Sidecar in the Bookmarks Bar you’ll have Mobile Sidecar with you every time you browse the Web, wherever you are. That’s pretty neat! Powerful. You might know that on an iPad, ‘Open in Safari’ is a link in every conceivable app you’ve ever seen that has a Web view. That’s everything from Flipboard to Hootsuite. You’re typically trapped in the walled garden with apps, where it can be a pain to copy and paste addresses between apps but Apple will always give you a Mobile Sidecar escape valve: ‘Open in Safari.’ Mobile Sidecar is then like a toolbar ready for you to use whenever you Open in Safari.

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