The latest round of rumors circling the DROID RAZR HD series were a bit surprising; a reliable source says Motorola decided to release the DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR HD MAXX in October. What intrigues me is how amidst the rumors, there was also talk of a third new device – the DROID RAZR MINI – but only for a moment. Within a few hours, comments of the phone had disappeared and searching up the term “droid razr mini” on Google would not bring up any relevant results. Some things seem so apparent that it just have to be said – despite it still being a speculation. Within weeks, we have had leaks of FCC filing, the DROID RAZR HD, RAZR HD (International version) and a leak of their launch in October. The photos are becoming familiar, recognizable; Motorola’s line of the RAZR HD appears to have a new distinct look. Furthermore, upon closely examining the leaks , they began bring back another familiar face from the past: the XT907. How does this odd looking phone fit into the puzzle that DROID fans are desperately trying to piece together? Upon evaluation, one can draw to the conclusion that this might be future DROID RAZR Mini. There are several clues which point to this assumption; even though this may be a leak from a Chinese website, we have learned in the past that Motorola China often serves as a gateway to Motorola’s future plans. The Verizon 4GLTE logo further supports the idea that this is going to be released side by side with the other DROID RAZR HDs. It may be difficult to tell, but this phone is abnormally small compared to other Motorola phones that have been released for the last year or so. If you look at the Motorola logo on this phone, and compare it with the leaked photo of the RAZR HD, it is evident that this phone is skinnier and shorter. The overall design of the XT907 is more reserved and lean, with slender edges and less use of Kevlar in the back. At the time, this phone is rumored to sport a qHD screen, HD camera and a Qualcomm processor. Even now, these rumors seem fitting for Motorola. The RAZR V, which was released in Canada for Bell, sings a similar tune to the leaked device: The characteristics of this device resembles the XT907 for a few reasons: it is budget-friendly, compact, has a qHD screen and 1080p HD camera. Having played around with the device, the exterior definitely feels sturdy and refined. For what it is worth, the build quality matches the current RAZR in the market, and gives a very polished feeling to the device. With RAZR V being launched in Canada, the chance XT907 being launched by Verizon is quite plausible. Strategically, I question Motorola’s (more like Verizon’s) decision to launch the HD, MAXX and Mini in October. It was obvious that many RAZR users were already irritated when hearing of the new MAXX, especially since the RAZR had mediocre battery life. Luckily, the reliable source from HotHardware says that Motorola is planning to launch both the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD. Other than that, the launch date seems terrible as well. The big apple is planning to unveil their next revolutionary device at around the same time, which is never good news. People who are in wait of this device will have a greater chance of jumping on the S3 train, than waiting for the DROID HD. What is a bit irritating is that since these leaks have been out for so long, it really shows how much time Motorola takes to launch a new device. For all we know, the next Motorola device may have been created already, since past phones like the Atrix HD have been spotted nearly a year before its launch. The current victors of in the phone war is apparent; Motorola will need to really impress if they want to get in on the action inside the arena.

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