The idea is, the channel was opened and the first videos uploaded. What is still missing are visitors and especially subscribers. Especially the beginning is very difficult and hardly anyone gets lost in their own channel. I’ll show you more than 30 tips to promote your channel and actions that you should definitely avoid. It’s hard to get started, and it’s especially true for YouTube. This article will show you how to promote your channel and what mistakes should be avoided. Each tip is described in detail, which makes the article quite long. Nevertheless, I recommend that you read it to the end and ultimately understand why an action affects the number of subscribers and the level of awareness. You can also split it up over several days and try out individual tips first.

General requirements for a successful YouTube channel

Before I go into the tips I would like to briefly touch on the general requirements. You have been told many times that you should make great videos and also pay attention to the quality. This is one of the most basic requirements for the following tips to work. Do you have any interesting topics or poorly implemented, then use the best actions nothing.

Make good youtube videos

Your videos should have a good quality, but this is no problem even with current smartphones. At least as important is the tone that many neglect. Before putting your money in a camera, you better get a good microphone. For example, the Rode SmartLav + *, which can be used directly on a smartphone and provides very good sound quality, is well suited for this purpose. However, I do not want to go into the requirements at this point, as I have already dealt with them in other articles (see here or here). Here, the priority is to promote the existing channel and the first videos. These tips will help to make your channel known better

Make videos that are shared

Easier said than done. But it’s really important that your videos target a target audience and solve their problems. If they are then also qualitatively well done, they are gladly shared voluntarily. Do not forget to point out in your videos. It’s often the case that viewers do not even think about sharing the video with just a few clicks on their channels. If you point out that often enough, then someone will follow your instructions over and over again and open your contacts as potential new subscribers.

Regular uploads

Important for the ranking and thus more visitors in your channel is the frequency with which videos are uploaded. You should publish at least one video a week, whenever possible at the same time, on the same day. This will allow your future subscribers to adjust to it and get used to the fact that you will see a new video on Wednesday at 10 o’clock. To meet these times, you can also schedule them in the Creator Studio under Basic Information. Enter a date and time and your video will be automatically published. If there are current trends in your area, then of course you can not wait. Either you then prefer the publication or make a short interim video. If a new device is presented that you want to report on, then the video should of course appear in time for the event. To get your viewers used to your schedule, you should also refer to the times of future releases in your videos or in the descriptions. So the new visitor knows that he expects something new in the near future and rather presses the subscription button. In addition, this regularity makes your workflow much easier. You’ll be producing your videos faster in less time and with better quality.

Subscribe to other small channels

To subscribe yourself, it can also be quite useful to subscribe to other channels. But that should not happen indiscriminately. Find channels that are only slightly larger than your channel. Operators of large channels with 100,000 or more subscribers would have much more to offer you, but they do not even notice you. Little creators are happy about each new subscriber and look at the email notifications. So you have their attention and a good chance that they also visit your channel. In order for them to become subscribers, your channel must be thematically appropriate. If you imagine smartphones, then it’s no use subscribing to channels that deal with fishing hooks and fishing. Your interests must be in line.

Post meaningful comments

Check out other videos from your topic area and comment on them. However, the comment should be appropriate and not just an advertisement for your channel. With a beautiful and meaningful avatar there is a good chance that it will be clicked by other commentators. Often questions are asked about the video, which are not answered by the creator. This is the case with large canals. Here’s a big chance that you can pull the questioner into your channel. Answer his question in as much detail as possible. He will be notified of your response from YouTube and will be grateful if you could help him.

Show your competence (forums)

Not only in comments, you can show what is in you. Find relevant forums and log in there, if that has not already happened. Again, you should not fall directly into the house with the door. Spam is not welcomed and quickly deleted. Answer the questions of other users and point out here and there on a video that you have made the subject. If most of your posts do not contain a link, it’s unlikely that a moderator will delete an occasional link. The opposite way can also lead to success here. Look at questions that have a high participation and if possible no clear result. For this you then make a video and introduce it to the other in the thread. Here you kill two birds with one stone. You get new viewers and at the same time ideas for videos that are also of interest.

Pay attention to quality (picture and sound)

The days of shaky home videos are long gone. The quality of the videos has risen steadily and so many successful YouTuber filming land no longer with a simple DSLR. Not a few can call “real” cameras such as a Sony FS7 or even a 50,000-euro Red their own. All you have to do is watch the videos of Devin Graham running a 6kg heavy Red on a tripod through cities and canyons. Even more important than the picture is the sound. Many make the mistake here and only look for a good camera. The forums and question portals are full of it. Hardly anyone asks for a good micro. Missing the necessary change, use your smartphone to film. That dominates 1080p and more often even 4k. The image quality is brilliant with sufficient illumination. With a Rode SmartLav + * lavalier microphone of around 60 EUR, you get great sound and can record the sound directly on your smartphone. Not only do I use this little mic by the collar, but I also put it on the table if I want to record the sound of an opening slot for unboxing. Such small effects and above all the good quality make sure that your viewers do not break off prematurely and maybe even leave a subscription at the end.

Create interesting thumbnails

If you are looking for yourself on YouTube, jump the many small thumbnails of the results in the face. All the searchers will first see from your video is this little thumbnail. Observe yourself. Which thumbnails do you click? Why do you think that for a given thumbnail exactly what you expect from this video? Is it the picture or the additional text? Were interesting keywords used? Here you can learn a lot from the big Youtubers. You just have to open your eyes and look at their thumbnails.

Use signatures

You’ll be surprised where you can use a signature anywhere. In every forum or question portal you can build links in your signature. With SEOs such links are frowned upon, because they no longer have any value. But you do not want to forward link power, but real clicks. In addition to forums also offer emails. There can also be attached a signature, where you can accommodate your channel link.

Share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Uploading a video and then hoping for visitors is far from enough. It has to be advertised and made public. The easiest way is through social media. Post the link to the video on Facebook and Twitter. Upload the preview image on Instagram. Maybe you also create your own Facebook page for your channel. Unfortunately, Google has removed the ability to link the Facebook account to YouTube. Twitter, however, can still be connected in the settings and every time an automatic tweet is published with a link to the video.

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