Page rank is one of the most important aspects affecting the ranking of the site. There are many techniques you can use to improve the page rank of your webpage without professional SEO assistance. Keep an eye on the quality of content that is presented at your site. Quality content guarantees good customer experience which is of primary importance for Google. You need to think as a customer: would you like the content of your site, would it keep you at this site for more than 10 seconds, would it make you want to check out the other pages of the site, would you be satisfied with the presented information? If you answer these question positively you can be sure the content is good. You can start a blog. Blogging has become very popular over the last couple of years. As we have already mentioned quality content that is regularly refreshed and updated affects the page rank positively. Blog is a great way to add fresh content that will attract more visitors and subscribers to your site. Blogging is very easy and anyone can master it. Once you find your way about it you will see how blogging can be beneficial for the page rank of your webpage. You can also bond with other bloggers. Before you post any information on other blog make sure it is more powerful than your own. You can guest post different articles on a regular basis. Make sure you add the link to your own site at the end of each article you post. Creating an RSS feed is another way to improve the page rank. RSS expedites the process of indexing your site. RSS feeds syndicate the content of your site to special directories. This increases the speed of content spreading around the internet. Page rank depends on the number of incoming links. But this does not mean that you should link to anyone. Before you agree to exchange links with some site, make sure its link will be valuable for your site. It will be valuable if the site’s page rank is higher than that of your site and if the amount of outgoing links from that site is not huge. Check if your site has 404 pages. If it has them, you should redirect them with the help of 301 redirect script. This is an important part of SEO activity. Keep it in mind that if you have too many 404 pages Google will consider your site to be of low quality. This means that your site won’t appear on first pages of search results list. These are simple ways you can influence the page rank of your webpage. However, do not get too carried away. There are a number of other factors that determine the importance and value of your site and secure constant active traffic to it. Today Internet technologies are very popular. So it comes as no surprise that the Internet network has turned into a way of making money. But to avoid putting your online business in danger it is very important to understand how to redirect expired domain traffic.

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