If you are a small business owner, you need marketing methods that will pay off. I will share a number of tactics with you, some well known and some that are lesser known. Once you’ve mastered these methods of marketing your small business online, you’ll enjoy greater exposure and as a result should experience higher profits.

These are the 4 tips for marketing a small business online:

* – content marketing for small business * – marketing a small business on Facebook * – Email marketing ideas for small business * – how to market using twitter

Tip #1 – Use Video SEO to Get a Leg Up on Your Competition

Do you realize that now that google has “blended search” (search results with news stories, videos, images, tweets, maps) your video is now 50 times more likely to appear on Page one as regular “text-based” content. It’s true – so what should you be doing for your small business? Video! Nowadays, video blogging is a great way to get your small home-based business on the map! There are certain things you can tweak and manipulate inside your Youtube dashboard. If you’re wondering “what the HECK is she talking about“, well, I’ll tell you what it comes down to – Video SEO. Yes, boys and girls, you heard that right – you can optimize or “tweak” certain things inside of your Youtube dashboard. Small details, such as the category you put your video into, matter very much. Additionally, it is worthwhile to put your keyword phrase at the start of the Title. Did you know that? I’ll give you a brief example: say your niche happens to be teen parents. Okay, and your keyword phrase is “children of teenage parents”.. Your youtube title would be something like, “Children of Teenage Parents Need Extra Tender Loving Care“.

Tip #2 – Content Marketing for Small Business –

Create Unique Content in Your Audience’s Terminology Know the specific keywords that your Target audience uses. Then you can create content around those words. Sounds easy enough, right? Of course, you first must get to know the language your sub-niche speaks. To do this, just head to forums and discussion groups and hang out; spend time at forums, Yahoo groups, Google groups etcetera. It is advisable to read each forum’s (or group’s) rules before posting. And you want to lurk first, and read A LOT of the popular threads. In this way, you’ll be able to pick up on some of the language (the exact terms) the sub-niche uses.

Tip #3 – Use a Story to Hold Your Audience’s Attention

Can you imagine the impact the following could have – you write a story that immerses the reader, emotional touching them. You use humor to entertain your audience. You then take this blog post or article, and use it to create a video, a podcast, a power-point presentation. You could even use it to make 2 types of video – one in which you speak and tell the story (with background images), and one which is an “article to video” style presentation. It’s essential to keep the purpose of your content in mind. What is the story’s KEY message? Tip: Before you write your article, sum up the GIST of it in one sentence. This will certainly help you to maintain focus and write a good post (or article). KNOW what your reader’s takeaway should be! Hint: Humor is great for keeping your message broken down into smaller, more easily digested bits.  


The second small business marketing tip in the group is There are four essential things to achieve for your small business: 1. Grab people by the eyeballs and make them feel that they are at the RIGHT place. This is important to do, so they won’t leave the page 2. Get them to click the “Like” button, and become a fan of your page. You can set it up so visitors are required to click “Like” before they can continue. An example of this set-up would be with FB Fan Page Press 2.0, by John Leonard. 3. Engage them – draw them in, and get them to participate with the other fans of your page. Of course, you will want your visitors and potential fans to be involved with your page – whether via a contest, poll, survey, or game – is up to you. Maybe you can have an excellent giveaway (several HIGH quality products) in exchange for their optin. Want to see an example of a really well-designed facebook page – you can visit Twig the Fairy at http://www.facebook.com/twigthefairy 4. Do something which will keep them coming back for more (offers, discounts, contests) If you put a coupon on the page, or some sort of special offer, this is great. It should be consistent – i.e., you should have a monthly offer listed at your facebook page. This will keep your fans returning time and again. You will want to use trackers – for each banner ad, newsletter sign up offer, coupon; and within each link to your blog, place a tracking url. It will help you know what visitors are MOST drawn to at your facebook page.  


Marketing Ideas for a Small Business: Email Marketing Ideas There are intelligent things you can do with email marketing. You may not be aware of all of these:  


This last small business marketing tip is   You may feel a bit overwhelmed at first, with all these tips for marketing a small business – but you can take each strategy one at a time until you’ve mastered it. The payoff, when you invoke even one of these small business marketing tips, will be BRAND recognition and increased conversions. Please be sure that you use trackers, so you’ll know what worked for you. Then move on to the next small business marketing strategy Additional – Here is Proof the Video SEO tips above do work : my video, currently at top of Youtube search:  

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