The invention of the smart phone will always be hailed as one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. It has changed our lives and so also the way we perceived our traditional things. With the introduction of the smart phones wrist watches started to vanish out. So the smart watches are focusing more on a variety of other things than just displaying the date and time like displaying mails, messages, weathers etc. Moving a step forward from the smart phones, tech manufacturers are trying to make this digital world more and more connected to our daily life physical world turning our conventional lives into smart lives.
Here is a list of 5 technical products those are specifically designed for the people working in busy schedules and are concerned about the security of their own and their loved ones or are passionate about their work.


3D printing was The Best thing that the last decade gave us. With the new pen like device you can turn into a physical object almost everything that you can imagine and can draw on a piece of paper. It’s much like the old-conventional styled drawing with the addition of the third dimension to the pen and paper. The 3D pen is available in the market for both online and offline buying from vendors like: Vamaa, 3Doodler etc.


If you are a biker, surfer, car racer, mountain biker, skater or any of a stuntman and want to record your moves in a more neat and clean manner, with a 360° view then this digital dog is the right choice for you. Airdog is a dron with a camera fit on it for recording videos from top by following the scene automatically. The dron follows an Airleash, a kind of mark for the dron to stay connected with, that stays with you and keeps the dog move around you. The dron can be controlled from an app installed in your phone.


As they say, it is the Smart Self Defense product. Defender is a small body-spray like device with the only difference that instead of spraying fragrances, it sprays pepper powder. For girls it is one of the most essential equipments that need to be there in their bag when they journey late night and alone. If you sense danger from anyone, then just face your defender in front of him and push the button it will take his picture first and then immediately will spray the pepper powder that will make him temporarily blind. The device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can send information to the right persons about your current location, pre-set message and the picture of the attacker. Defender is your personal smart defender.


If you are a cyclist then you must be knowing the pain of being halt in the middle of the road due to the patch in your bicycle tube. This new device can help you fix the flat tire without even removing the tire from your bicycle. Once you have located the patch you can then remove the debris with the patchnride tool and then can fix the patch by inserting the tool in the tire and push the go button on the tool to release the Air Seal Patch. Remove the tool from your tire and you are done. Just fill it with air and you are again ready to roll. The tool is very handy and small enough to carry in your pocket.


Another smart and fashion jewelry for women. Elemoon is like a normal bracelet except it can change its color with matching to your dress or mood, can locate your phone and can tell you when you get calls or messages. The electronic bracelet is connected with your smart phone and provides an app to interact. You can simply take a picture of your dress and this smart bangle will create the perfect color combination on it to match with your dress. Not getting your phone, just rub elemoon, it will alarm your mobile. You can set even personalized color patterns as a kind of ring-colors which will show off on your elemoon once you get a call from the set number. Stay fashioned, stay elemooned.

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