To really succeed as a blogger, here are 5 tips you’ll need to master in order to make your dream a reality. But before I get into what those are, you’ll need to be aware that there are several factors which determine how your blog ranks in the search engines. The tips I will outline below will help ensure your blog is optimized in a way for you to take advantage of search engines, particularly Google.

Your Blog’s Title and Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

In order to effectively optimize your blog, the title and URL structure must be correct. What that means is your URL needs to be short, concise and user friendly. It also means your blog’s URL and your blog’s title has to be related to your niche. For example, if you look above in the address bar of your browser right now, you’ll notice that my URL and the title of my blog, while not exactly short, match almost exactly.

Content is King

For my regular readers, you know that I’ve written on this subject extensively, but it bears repeating. It’s imperative for you to post daily. Successful blogs that receive a large amount of traffic update their blog on a regular basis. Search engines love them because of the fact they post unique and fresh content, usually on a daily basis if not more. Post every day to your blog and your search engine rank will increase. It’s just that simple.

Categorize your posts and make use of tags

You’ve got to categorize the content you post on your blog. The best way to do this is to use your keywords to label the categories of your blog. This will increase your search engine rank and bring you more organic traffic. For instance, my blog is about marketing and if you look below and to your right, you’ll see that I categorize my blog posts with my primary keywords, i.e. blog marketing, blog marketing tips, etc. You’ll also notice I follow this same logic with my tags. With a little creativity and using your keywords when categorizing your content, you’ll go a long ways in increasing your search engine rank.

Ping your blog

Whenever you post new content, ping your blog. WordPress and Blogger both can be set up to ping automatically, but if you’re unsure of how to set this up, just Google the word “ping” and you’ll get a whole host of online services that you can ping the search engines for free. What this does is notify the search engines that you’ve posted new content to be crawled on your blog. Remember, post then ping.

Submit your Blog to Online Directories

Submitting your blog to directories will drive traffic to your blog and create one way links which point back to your blog. These are important in that they help to increase your search engine rank and your Google page rank. All of these techniques will help you increase your search engine rank, pagerank, and traffic. Just as importantly, these will increase your blog’s reach and establish your credibility as an expert. And those are all worthwhile goals for any blog.

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