1. If you really didn’t have a great time, you can always end the date early by being truthful and call an end to proceedings by saying you have an urgent meeting, phone call, appointment etc. Whilst your date will not be a fool, they will understand what you are trying to say. Better still, simply be kind but truthful and point out that you don’t think you will be an ideal match and that you have had a lovely evening but that is all there is to it.
2. Never allow someone to believe there is more on offer than there really is. Do not keep your options open with someone if you don’t intend to call them. It is always better to end the date as a full-stop than to keep someone hanging on for weeks afterwards. So don’t falsely keep someone’s hopes up, ever.
3. If you are a guy you are paying the bill or getting the check, whatever you believe. This is not the moment to start quibbling over who had what from the menu and splitting things. The age of chivalry is not dead and you had the company of the lady this evening, therefore it is your task to leave an excellent and chivalrous image by getting out your credit card.
4. If the lady insists on paying half, this is often the sign of a no-strings-attached evening out and that she prefers to leave things in a very even way. If she wants to do this, it is up to you whether you wish to accept.
5. Do not be planning deep throat kissing and sex immediately after unless it really is on the cards for both of you. And even then, remember that you should be planning to retain your enigma at least for a few dates yet so resolve not to get into bed just yet. As a guy you should be planning to see her to her cab and then give her a small kiss on the cheek.
6. If you like your date, tell them. You don’t need to be explicit but you don’t need to be coy either. If you enjoyed their company be forthright and confident and tell them that you would look forward to spending more time in their company very soon. If you can arrange a second date at this stage, then do so but only if you are serious. People do not like being made a fool of or being let down.
7. Do not try to avoid hurting someone’s feelings by pretending you like them more than you really do. If you had a good time but won’t be seeing them again then better to leave things like that.
8. Keep things relaxed, fun and casual and if you feel they are less interested than you, then keep things open-ended and optional. That way your date will have time to reconsider.
9. If you are a guy see your date safely to a cab or her car and do not make her feel any pressure whatsoever. If you are a girl then ensure you feel comfortable with this happening. If you prefer to see yourself to a cab then do so.
10. Always remember that dating is a stage by stage process and nothing rarely happens instantly. Therefore the first date was exactly that with hopefully many more to follow.
11. And finally but perhaps controversially, don’t offer friendship as substitute. This is a date and has it’s basis in romance. Ultimately you will find friends in many different places, but you should view dating as the possibility of establishing romance as your foremost priority.

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