Discord is a voice and text chat service that describes itself as a “one-stop gaming destination.” The easy-to-use, attractive UI, and many features have made Discord popular among folks who have no interest in video games. It gained over 50 million new users from May 2017 to May 2018, and more than twice as many daily users as Slack.

Tutorial: How to Make Discord Bot

Discord supports complex bots that assist connect the chatbot or game bot like kahoot bot flooder with the environment and give a more engaging experience for the user. Bots are all around Discord, offering services like moderation aid, games, music, internet searches, and more. In this Discord bot tutorial, we will begin by exploring the Discord UI and its REST and WebSocket APIs for bots before going on to a JavaScript-based Discord bot tutorial. Finally, we’ll learn about the development and maintenance process of, by certain criteria, Discord’s most popular bot and the creator himself.

Discord GUI

Let’s get down to business and explore the technical aspects before getting into the nitty-gritty. it seems conceptually similar to bots (but of course non-visual). The Discord apps are built on the same APIs that bots utilize. Bots are able to operate under ordinary user accounts, however doing so is against Discord’s terms of service. Bots must be in bot accounts. Check out how the Discord program is functioning inside Google Chrome.

Discord’s web-based UI

Desktop application Discord interface resembles the web version, packed with Electron. The iOS application is made using React Native. This application is native Android Java code. Let’s dissect it.

Server List

Every server in the left column is a member of my server list. A server is to Slack what a workspace is to Slack: It’s a collection of users who may engage with each other in one or more channels on the server. A server is controlled by its creator or anyone they assign responsibility to. The originator and/or staff create and/or design the rules, channel structure, and supervise users. For me, the Discord API server is on top of my server list. You may learn and seek advice from other developers here. This server is named Test. We’ll test the bot we’re creating later. Below the button is a server-creation button. Anyone can quickly set up a server. When talking about Discord, the terms Server and Guild are used interchangeably. Moving on to technical matters will allow us to discuss about Guilds. The two words are synonyms.

Channel List

Right of the server list is the list of channels for the server I am browsing (in this case, the Discord API server). A channel may be categorized in any number of ways. the categories include INFO, GEN, and LIBS on the Discord API server Each channel is a separate chat room where participants may discuss a certain subject. This channel has a lighter backdrop. New messages appear with a white-colored text.

Channel view

This is the channel view where we can see what channel users have been talking about. One message is partly visible here. A collection of links to Discord bot libraries’ support servers. Regular users, such as me, cannot post messages on this channel. The admins utilize this channel as a forum to publish essential information that will stand out above the noise of discussion.


To the far right is a list of people presently logged into this server. To group users, each category has a unique color. This is a byproduct of their jobs. A role indicates the kind of user, what name color they have, and what rights they have in the server. If a user has more than one role, there is precedence arithmetic that governs what occurs in such situation. Every user at least has the role @everyone. Servers manage additional responsibilities.

Text input

If I was permitted to, I could enter text and send messages here. I am unable to send messages on this channel.

User / Client

This is the current user. Because I’m horrible at picking names, I set my login to “Me”. I use the number (#9484) as my discriminator. “Me” is merely the lone “Me” out of all the other “Me”s. I may assign nicknames to each server so that I’m recognized by various names on various servers. As addition, there is a lot more in the Discord user interface. You don’t have to create an account to start using Discord; have fun poking around! You may go to the Discord site, select “open Discord in a browser,” choose a username, and try refreshing “click the bus pictures” for a few rounds.

Discord API

The WebSocket and REST APIs comprise the Discord API. WebSocket API is used to get events from Discord in real time, while the REST API is utilized to work inside of Discord.